Message on the occasion of the International Youth Day

Dear young person,

Wherever you might be, this is my message for you: Go beyond! Go beyond what you think you know. Go beyond what you’ve been told is the “only” way. Go beyond what people think you can achieve. Go beyond your own imagination of what you can become.
Don’t walk, jump. Don’t only listen, talk. Don’t only consume, produce. Don’t turn you back away, always face things. Face it, whatever there is in front of you; whatever there is blocking your way; whatever there is making you afraid; whatever there is risking to make you fall. Face it, search within yourself for a way out and a way around.

Escape any kind of dependency. Your future is only yours when you can hold it in your own hands. Don’t delegate your life to anyone or anything. Don’t leave anything to chances. Be pro-active, protect yourself and take responsible actions. You’ll hate to be alone, but you’ll have to learn to cope alone. Be around strong people. People who see the real “You”. People who see your potential. People who can never do harm to you. It’s easy to find them: Follow always your best interests. Keep those around who support you; let those go who keep you low and dependent.

These are the things which can hamper your progress: Boredom, pain, loneliness, feeling of not being loved, pressure, depression, despair and other negative emotions. They’ll make you go for any people and any kind of things, they’ll make you abuse drugs – they’ll make you lose slowly yourself: Your self-esteem, your dignity.

These are the good news: It’s easy to escape this trap if you know who you are and where you want to go. Therefore, focus on the BEYOND. Believe in the best possible future for yourself. Know your value and live accordingly. Choose a positive and healthy life. This is THE pre-condition to go about all your plans and achieve your goals.

You are young. And because you are, nothing is impossible.Take your life up and beyond. I, we need you to become the best you can be. The world needs overcomes, dreamers and achievers to make it a better place.

God bless you, dear young person.